Titan Arrival

Titan arrival

Designed in Photoshop.


I am a freelance scientific illustrator and author, specialising in space, earth sciences and technology. A Fellow of the International Association of Astronomical Artists (IAAA), I am essentially self taught as an artist. I did not attend art college, but rather took the scientific route. I did a degree in astronomy, then a Ph.D. in astrophysics, then spent three years as a fully qualified astronomer doing research at Sussex University.

In the end it was not something I excelled at. I chose to leave the profession, and instead began writing articles for various magazines and newspapers. I always had a talent for art, though, and by the time I had started writing I had amassed a small collection of acrylic paintings and drawings in oil pastel, done in my space time. Occasionally these were published to illustrate my writing, and slowly my new career as a writer/artist took off. Then, in 1998, I discovered digital art (at first with a mouse!). Now I have almost entirely abandoned the paint and brushes in favour of Photoshop and a Wacom tablet. Some images I do entirely freehand, while with others I might import elements from my own photos or from 3D programs such as 3DS Max, Bryce and Terragen.

Although I am mostly well known for my space art, I am also a great fan of science fiction imagery and I have had some success in this genre. I have had several images appearing on the covers of Asimov's Science Fiction, Analog Fact and Fiction, Interzone, plus the odd novel. My ambition is to become a well-known SF cover artist, but it is very hard to break into this market, which is nowhere near as good as it once was.

To see more of my SF and other art (including dinosaurs, horror and surrealism), visit, where you will also find details about the books I have written. My other site,, showcases exclusively my space art.

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