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Cowboy Feng’s Space Bar And Grille by Steven Brust

01/08/2003. Contributed by Katie McGivern

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pub:TOR. 297 page enlarged paperback. Price: $13.95 (US), $19.95 (CAN). ISBN: 0-765-30664-6.

Billy is a musician in an Irish band and they have a regular gig at Cowboy Feng's Space Bar and Grill. This bar and grill is notable for its matzoh ball soup and the fact that it travels through space and time.

Cowboy Feng’s Space Bar And Grille by Steven BrustIt makes the jump each time the planet it is staying on is destroyed by nuclear war.

Yes, Cowboy Feng's is a beer-serving, music playing, time travelling, humanity saving bar and grill. ‘Cowboy Feng's’ is a mind expanding, laughter-invoking, well-crafted book

Each chapter of the novel is interspersed with background detail - this adds interest to the plot in the same way as garlic adds flavour to the matzoh ball soup.

It also allows the reader to take a break from the fast pace of the novel and develop real affection for the characters. This is the same affection that you feel for an over exuberant puppy - this is a novel that is bursting with good humour and life.

It is also a very colourful novel, the only colour missing is grey. The characters are either good or bad, actions are either right or wrong and you finish the book with satisfaction that justice has been done.

This is overall is a very satisfying novel - but in the same way as a fast-food hamburger is, if you are looking for a more substantial meal I would read elsewhere.

Katie McGivern

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