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Dying Inside (SF Masterworks # 59) by Robert Silverberg

01/05/2005. Contributed by Geoff Willmetts

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pub: Gollancz. 199 page enlarged paperback. Price: 6.99 (UK). ISBN: 0-575-07525-2.

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I read this book back in the early 80s, so I'm glad to see Robert Silverberg's 'Dying Inside' being re-released as part of the SF Masterworks collection as it deserves to be read by a new audience.

What is captivating about this book is that it is a first person insight into a man's life-time and his ability to read the thoughts of others. David Selig is no telepath however. All he can ever do is read minds and now as he gets older, is finding his talent is finally dying on him. Considering in past years, Selig thought his ability to be both a curse and blessing, he is also scared about his edge going away.

Through the course of this book you learn a lot about our David Selig and the problems he faced. This is a real tour de force that should be recommended for any writer who wants to write first person novels as Silverberg lives and breathes this character to life. Any SF fan who has read this book tends to get a gleam in their eye if asked to talk about this book. If you've never come across this originally 1972 printed book before then now is your time to spent a few pounds and get a book that will really send you for a spin. It is truly a classic of the first order.

GF Willmetts

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