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Dark Side Of The Moon (A Dark Hunter novel) by Sherrilyn Kenyon

01/10/2008. Contributed by Jill Roberts

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pub: St. Martin's Press. 322 page hardback. Price: $19.95 (US), $26.95 (CAN). ISBN: 0-312-35743-5).

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The story, 'Dark Side Of The Moon', involves Susan who used to be a well-respected investigative reporter on the Washington Post, but now has fallen on hard-times and works on a much cheaper paper, The Daily Inquisitor, in Seattle. Her boss sends her off to check out web logs of a woman called Erika who is looking after a man that changes into a cat ? More sensationalist rubbish she thinks.

Susan goes to the local animal shelter, where her friends Angie and Jimmy are working. There, Angie foists a cat onto her and ushers her into a private room, where Jimmy startles her by stepping out of the shadows and warning her of a conspiracy, for Susan to take the cat home and they would call round that evening to talk more...except when others find out that this rather special cat has been taken off the premises. They torture and murder Angie and Jimmy and frame Susan for their murders. Susan uncovers a conspiracy that nearly gets her killed and yes, the man does change into a cat during the day, when he has to hide from the suns. Luckily, there are blinds over the windows, so when she pulls off his inhibitor collar, the cat that had looked like a Bengal house cat, except for those black staring eyes now changes back into a man...a rather fit, hunky man.

Then the others, Appolites and their human servants, call round to try and re-claim the cat, that had looked like a Bengal house cat, except for those, black staring eyes. Susan and Rayven fight them off, nearly getting themselves killed in the process.

There has been a war raging between Daimons and Dark Hunters, to muddy the waters even further the Appolites have now entered the fray and want to kill off the Dark Hunters, as they want to take over Seattle for themselves

I'd recommend this to any Buffy fans out there. I found this to be a fascinating page-turner. This guy Ravyn is much hotter than Angel and so is some of the prose. They are both attracted to each other, but for him it is forbidden and has been for centuries. As for Susan ? Well...she's allergic to cats fur and his lovely, long hair.

Jill Roberts

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