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Doctor Who: Brotherhood of the Daleks by Alan Barnes

01/12/2008. Contributed by Sue Davies

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pub: Big Finish. ISBN: 978-1-84435-323-1. 120 minute 2 CDs. Price: 14.99 (UK), 12.99 (UK) for download. Cast: Colin Baker, India Fisher, Michael Cochrane, Harriet Kershaw, Derek Carlyle, Jo Casatleton, Alison Thea-Skot, Steve Hansell and Nicholas Briggs.

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Landing in a jungle when you are expecting an ice planet is nothing new for the Doctor. His new companion, Charlotte, is used to the unexpected to but being 'splotted' by a plant that could kill her is not a nice surprise. They are just about to get to the safety of the TARDIS when armed assailants take them.

Worried that Charlotte could die, the Doctor tries to negotiate with their captives. He knows the planet is a battlefield between the Thals and his old enemy, the Daleks. Charlotte shows no surprise when hearing about the Daleks for the first time and once again he is very suspicious. The Doctor has had his doubts about Charlotte since he first found her when she was obviously expecting someone else.

Just what is going on? His captors are convinced they are the Thals and they speak with great emotion about their fallen comrade killed in a Dalek battle. Something just doesn't ring true, especially when she re-appears and is very much alive. Charlotte is also desperate to keep her own past with her other Doctor a secret and ties herself in ever increasing knots avoiding the questions that keep coming.

This is a four-episode edition of an adventure with the Sixth Doctor and his new companion Charlotte Pollard. It's a bit of a head-banging story with multiple versions of realities and lots of coming and going guaranteed to lead the listener up the garden path and into the greenhouse...which is another story. We meet a character called Murgat who is more green-fingered than anyone you might have met. You might also know that the Daleks are never very far away neither.

It is quite a tortuous tale but rewards re-visiting and it is advisable to pay close attention just in case there's a test at the end. The extras and interviews could have helped explain the plot but they don't. They do go on about the lunches though. Doesn't sound like work to me.

Sue Davies

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