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I, Davros Complete Series Comprising Innocence, Purity, Guilt, Corruption by Gary Hopkins

01/11/2008. Contributed by Sue Davies

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pub: Big Finish. ISBN: 978-1-84435-231-9. 5 * 60 minute CDs. Individually CDs: 10.99 (UK) or downloads at 8.99 (UK) or as the complete CD series on CD: 35.00 (UK)) cast: Terry Molloy, Rory Jennings and Carolyn Jones

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This spin-off series stars Terry Molloy, TV's Davros until the recent re-imagining as the eponymous Davros. It charts the path he takes from gifted teen to evil genius.

The Kaleds have always been at war with the Thals. There is a deep underlying hatred of the other race. Each one seeks to outdo the other in developing deadly weapons of war. The young Davros lives with his mother and sister. His father is a returning war hero who, when relieved of command, is denied his right to an honourable death by the soldier who supersedes him. Davros' mother, Lady Calcula, is determined her son will achieve the best and most expensive education. She knows he holds the future of the Kaled race in his exceptional hands. What follows is the everyday story of a man bent on eliminating any corruption of race by infiltrators. He will stop at nothing to make the Kaleds the supreme and only race in the universe.

Alternately, inspired by the development of the Third Reich and reflecting the tales woven in the novel 'I, Claudius', this is a compulsive story in which the seemingly unimaginable takes place. The moral choices that Davros makes are shown as his own simple steps towards saving his race. His amorality is not so hard to understand, it is the complicity of other people that is much harder to comprehend. His family is sacrificed and finally any humanity. It makes grim yet fascinating listening.

Molloy is the familiar Davros without the metal voice for most of the audios. Rory Jennings voices his teenage self. The excellent Carolyn Jones is Davros' mother, the Lady Calcula. You can feel the steel even without her being canned.

Written by Gary Hopkins and directed by Gary Russell in 2006 this was an unexpected pleasure. I am not a big fan of the metallic men but the human story behind the choices made to become the heartless dustbins bent on destruction is a great twist on the over familiar tin men.

Sue Davies

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