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Nocturne by Angela Cameron

01/12/2008. Contributed by Kelly Jensen

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pub: Drollerie Press. 114 page novella e-book $3.05 (US).

check out website: and

The sub-title of this novella is: 'Vampires donʼt like it when the victim bites back.' With a lot of action packed into just over one hundred pages, this story certainly has plenty of bite. Alyson Wingate is a reporter and checks facts for a living.

After discovering a body lying in the middle of the road one night, she learns the facts on the coronerʼs report do not match her recollection of the incident. Unfortunately, while checking these facts, Alyson bites off more than she can chew (sorry, couldnʼt help that one), stirring up an old war between residents of this town she was not aware existed: werewolves and vampires. This short story roars to a startling conclusion with our heroine dead. Or is she?

The story includes skilled character development and plot building with some werewolf and vampire lore thrown in, but not enough. At only 114 pages ʽNocturneʼ is both too long and too short. Itʼs a short story with too many details. Angela Cameron has enough information and sub-plots here to make this a novel.

Another 114 pages would have covered it. Her website mentions that she's working on a novel that is a sequel to ʽNocturneʼ. I would like to see ʽNocturneʼ turned into that novel, expanding on the relationships between Wil and Aly, Aly and Torin and Torin and Nocturne. I would like to see the role of the magic shop and shopkeeper expanded. The history between the two opposing factions in this town and some back story on Wil and his family would round a novel out beautifully.

Angela Cameron has definite talent as a writer. She only needs time to hone her craft. I've been impressed with the quality of writing at Drollerie Press. I would not at all be disappointed to have spent $6.95 (US) on a paperback version of any of the novels Iʼve read and I don't think any reader of these genres would be.

Kelly Jensen

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