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Alter Ego # 58 May 2006

01/08/2009. Contributed by Geoff Willmetts

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pub: TwoMorrows. 98 page A4 illustrated magazine. Price: $ 6.95 (US) or less.

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You know how it is. You see 'The X-Men' on the cover with a headline about a movie that never was and curiosity gets the better of you. Editor/writer Roy Thomas' magazine 'Alter Ego' is devoted to the Golden Age of American comicbooks, principally from the 1940s-70s and feeding the interest in the subject. From his own connections within the industry as well as his insight, if you're anything from obscure to known then you comicbook fans out there have either come across the title or collect it.

Even so, many TwoMorrows publications may have escaped readers on this side of the pond, so I've just using this token issue to say there is another one for you to pay attention to.

'The X-Men Movie That Never Was' predates the trilogy of films this century when Roy Thomas and Gerry Conway were hired in 1984 to write an X-Men screenplay. From the blurbs, they were writing various other scripts at the time, two of which finally made it as films. Their script took various things from old and new X-Men up to that time, as well as introducing new characters and oddly, according to them by instruction, not to make Professor X a cripple. The script and accompanying interview with Thomas and Conway gives some interesting insight into the Hollywood process at the time. I should also point out there's also a page of Cockrum X-Men art that was never used in the comicbook.

Picking things out of the fifteen articles in this issue depends a lot of your knowledge of comicbook history. Things that I learnt include Will Eisner DIDN'T create the first graphic novel but was preceded by two years by the first graphic novel, 'Beyond Time And Again' by George Metzger, Also, from C.C. Beck himself that he didn't create the original Captain Marvel because Fawcett Publications did and owned the copyright. Nice to see facts being put straight by people in the know.

There are numerous illustrations and stuff to either fulfil knowledge from this time period in all the genres from this period of comicbook history. The TwoMorrows website gives details of all the 'Alter Ego' issues so if you're after a particular interest, it's easy to pick issues of interest to you.

GF Willmetts

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