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Back Issue! # 8 February 2005

01/05/2009. Contributed by Geoff Willmetts

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pub: TwoMorrows. 98 page illustrated A4 magazine. Price: $ 9.95 (US).

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Oddly, when I was selecting a choice of early 'Back Issue!' back issues, I chose this one because it had a feature on the X-Woman, Storm, rather than the Kyle Baker artwork on the cover. Considering the various pictures of Storm inside and it might just be personal preference to something that would look more at home in an animated version.

What the cover didn't cover and really should have was to explain that this issue covered the depiction of black characters as a whole in the comicbook industry up to 2005. I doubt if this would have put off their readership but would have been re-enforced where they stand on this issue even if it might have upset some of their distributors.

Some astute observations were made that comicbooks were made for a mostly white audience and with a lack of black creators, early creations were made by white creators who didn't really get their culture. Looking behind the lines of what they were saying, I got the suspicion that they only things the white creators got was the Harlem interpretation if they were New York resident which probably explains Luke Cage being a cross between that and film ideas (couldn't you see 'Enter The Dragon' actor Jim Kelly being used as the template for the character?). Still, although the introduction of black characters didn't necessarily change things radically, it no doubt contributed to the idea to inspire black creators into the field which was something that was long over-due.

Although this 'Back Issue!' is some four years old, it also provide backgrounds for the likes of Green Lantern John Stewart, Black Lightning, Falcon, Black Panther as well as Storm herself. There is also a feature on black characters in cartoons so covering the whole field.

It gives a very clear picture of what was going on from a variety of people which I found very enlightening, sprinkled with a lot of art as well. 'Back Issue!' is still going strong and considering the various subject matter covered, you can also make a selection base on the back issues in the back of the magazine.

GF Willmetts

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