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Batman: The Brave And The Bold: Mayhem Of The Music Meister! by Michael McCuistion, Lolita, Lolita Ritmanie and Kristopher Carter (UK title: I Am The Music Meister)

01/12/2009. Contributed by Geoff Willmetts

Buy Batman: The Brave And The Bold: Mayhem Of The Music Meister! in the USA - or Buy Batman: The Brave And The Bold: Mayhem Of The Music Meister! in the UK

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pub: New Line Records/Warner Bros NLR39167. 8 track 18 minute CD. Price: $ 7.98 (US).

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I wasn't really sure what I was letting myself in for when this CD, 'Batman: The Brave And The Bold: Mayhem Of The Music Meister', arrived. The opening credit music was very upbeat compared to the darker tones of other Batman animation music. The next seven tracks is practically a 'Batman: The Musical' although the Dark Knight only actually sings on one track. Most of the other tracks, according to the sleeve notes have vocals from other members of the Justice League and various villains, including Clock King, Black Manta and Gorilla Grodd!!! The main singer and villain, though, is the Music Meister ably voiced by Neil Patrick Harris. It is sub-titled 'The Brave And The Bold', presumably Batman getting star-billing to get people watching the TV show.

I should point out that the sleeve notes give no indication what the animation episode is actually about, nor to do the tracks themselves. If you've seen the episode Stateside then you probably know more than me. It's certainly lively and richly played. I did wonder on occasions if this was like a comicbook version of 'Phantom Of The Opera', although it's certainly not operatic. Whether fans of the animation version is going to appreciate that or this CD, only time will tell. There's certainly nothing wrong with the material per se, just wonderment if the viewing public will go for a super-hero sing-song.

As a standalone piece, then the CD is certainly entertaining but oh, so short. There are times like this that you wish the composers added extras showing the material they had to omit to fit the running times to bulk out the space available. If you enjoyed the episode then getting the CD of its music will no doubt accommodate your taste.

GF Willmetts

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