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Blood Lust 4: Aftermath by Rhys A. Wilcox

01/07/2009. Contributed by Sue Davies

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pub: RAW! 209 page enlarged paperback. Price: 9.95 (UK). ID: 3755149.

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Now this is fun. A little treatise in what happens if you save the world. No one will ever forgive you.

With a little nod to a certain planet demolition that was proposed some years ago by Douglas Adams, this is the story of what happens when some extra-terrestrials decide the universe would be best served if the human race was wiped out. Given the human propensity to make a mess wherever it goes, this is perfectly understandable.

This time the planet saviour is a young average bloke called Luke who happened to be in the wrong/right place depending your point of view. He didn't have much choice about saving the world and the after-effects for him have been devastating.

We are present at the court case to determine if he murdered someone after walking home from the pub, some weeks after his world-saving activity. His defender must overcome the concept that she and everyone else would be dead but for Luke. His judges taken from all parts of the world to allow him a fair trial must allow the facts to speak for themselves.

Luke, though, can only barely hold onto the present. His waking nightmare is the events of the week where the human race was told it was going to be extinguished. He remembers every excruciating episode because he is constantly reliving it. Human justice doesn't make much sense in this context.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. It was out of the ordinary but featured an ordinary bloke with no super-powers, just someone who was going to get married, sort-of enjoyed his job before he had to save the world. For this guy there is no beginning because it turns out that people are people and it isn't always the good guys who win. Featuring a battle utilising sex toys, which brought to mind multiple Tom Sharpe novels, this could have been just another funny story but it also manages makes you think about human nature and our own rush to destruction. It's fairly gruesome in places and makes the point that war changes you, being a reluctant fighter possibly even more so. The end is pretty grim but in truth we don't need an external force to destroy us we are doing a pretty good job of it ourselves.

Sue Davies

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