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Dark Shadows - The Skin Walkers by Scott Handcock

01/02/2009. Contributed by Sue Davies

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pub: Big Finish. 60 minutes CD. ISBN: 978-1-84435-376-7. Price: 9.99 (CD) 7.99 (download) cast: Lara Parker and David Selby.

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Quentin Collins is a man who has seen many bad things in his lifetime. It's been a long, long time since he has known any peace. His immortality is his curse but also the curse of not being able to forget. He recalls a story of his early life following his flight from the family home of Collingswood. He is 29 and just two years into the curse of his immortality and still nave about the effects of his unchanging, unageing face.

His first encounter with city life is not good. He is captured by a group called the Skin Walkers who are determined to purge their city of the curse of lycanthropy. He suffers greatly but is eventually released. He cannot die.

Its 1899 and he is optimistic about the 20th Century and all it might bring. He is invincible with the power of the werewolf without the need for transformation. Out one night enjoying this change in his fortunes, he meets an amazing woman who promises much. But there is a catch. She has two young stepchildren, tainted with the lycanthropic curse. Can Quentin overcome his own past and protect them from the Skin Walkers who are determined to destroy all those like him?

If you have never heard of 'Dark Shadows', this CD/download is a good introduction. However, if you attempt to research the character of Quentin Collins from the original TV Soap you will have to learn how to draw diagrams. David Selby played various versions of the character that popped up in several different ways through the run. Having read the rather intricate and bizarre plot lines, I'm impressed anyone has attempted to follow it!

Big Finish has secured the talents of the original players. David Selby as Quentin and Lara Parker as Angelique are excellent. Selby in particular expresses the world weariness of a man who has seen too much and lived too long.

As a standalone story it works well with suitable tension and drama all the way through. I will definitely listen to more of these.

Sue Davies

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