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Doctor Who Companion Chronicles: Resistance by Steve Lyons

01/05/2009. Contributed by Sue Davies

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pub: Big Finish. 60 minute CD. Price: CD: 8.99 (UK), download: 7.99 (UK). ISBN: 978-1-84435-378-1). Cast: Anneke Wills and John Sackville.

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Polly is travelling with the Doctor. It's crowded in the TARDIS with Jamie and Ben still along for the ride. They have landed in occupied World War II France. Their nave behaviour results in the group being split up. The Doctor and Polly look to find aid and succour in a paranoid and fearful place. They are lucky, falling into the hands of the French Resistance or Maquis.

Polly's memories of her early life are stirred. Her father had a brother who died in a German prison camp. She has reason enough to hate the Germans but what has happened will happen and it cannot be changed, can it?

Another man needs to escape from occupied France. A British pilot has crashed behind enemy lines and also seeks out the Maquis. When he tells Polly his name, she is shocked to realise that this is her uncle. Perhaps she can save him. However, she also owes her loyalty to the Doctor and to Jamie and Ben. She must do what she can but these are dangerous times.

It's the Doctor but not as I know it. It's an historical adventure, the characters of Polly and the Doctor fit into the shoes of bewildered lost adventurers and could be anyone. It is still enjoyable and apparently in the old days of 'Doctor Who' these sorts of episodes fulfilled the BBC remit to educate and entertain.

I was bemused though waiting for something slimy to come round the corner and for the whole adventure to kick off. Anneke Wills does well to create the mood of the original characters but it's long ago and far away. The story is good drama but it's not 'Doctor Who' for me. I like war stories, though, and despite my reservations it comes across as a credible tale. In this, it's the evil that men do that make the story.

Sue Davies

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