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Doctor Who: Key 2 Time (Part 1) Judgement of Isskar by Simon Guerrier

02/03/2009. Contributed by Sue Davies

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pub: Big Finish. 2 CDs 120 minutes. Price: 14.99 (UK) or 12.99 (download). ISBN: 978-1-84435-363-7. cast: Peter Davison, Ciara Janson, Laura Doddington, Nicholas Briggs, Andrew Jones, Raquel Cassidy, Jeremy James and Heather Wright.

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If you are old enough or if you Google then you will be aware of 'The Key To Time' when the Doctor Number Four (actor Tom Baker) had to seek out the segments of the Key to Time before time stopped. So, it's quite important then. Along comes the Doctor Number Five who whilst minding his own business is recruited by a newly created (actor Peter Davison) being to seek out the segments again or else...well you know what.

This intriguing premise that draws on a well known story and introduces some characters from the history of 'Doctor Who' has been split into three distinct releases all with a different backdrop but all leading to the Big Finish(!) at the end of this mini-series.

The first instalment sees the Doctor recruited by a being who he later christens Amy. They visit Mars where a peaceful lizard race live in harmony until the arrival of the Doctor and the search for the segment. It's not long before the Doctor meets someone else who needs the segment and makes an enemy that will resonate through time itself.

For a change, the Doctor is a companion and although Amy directs him, he manages to inject his own morality and beliefs into the search. Circumstances mean that he can at least do some good on the journey but there is the ever present worry about Zara. She is the equal and opposite of Amy, also in search of the segments. But she is amoral and will use any method or anyone to get what she needs.

This is a good story that mostly moves along at a pace I can understand. The overall arc of the story is the mission to get the segments but in between the sub-plots are entertaining if occasionally confusing. Over all, it moves along at a good pace and it has repeat value. The cliff-hanger is good and an excellent lead into 'Destroyer Of Delights'.

Sue Davies

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