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Doghouse DVD (2009)

01/11/2009. Contributed by Rod MacDonald

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Region 2 DVD: pub: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment B002EL4MIY. 85 minute film with extras. Price: 15.99 (UK).

check out website: stars: Stephen Graham, Danny Dwyer, Noel Clarke and Lee Ingleby .

This is an ideal DVD for a bunch of lads to watch on a weekday night, accompanied by crates of beer and take-away pizza. A British comedy horror which follows the pattern of 'Shaun Of The Dead' and 'Lesbian Vampire Killers', it is not intellectually stimulating but it doesn't make any pretence to be otherwise. It's entertainment for a specific niche and on this level it is evidently successful.

Vince, played by Stephen Graham who is an accomplished actor of much greater ability than portrayed here, is a down on his luck man suffering the depression of divorce. Six of his mates are determined to get him out of this depression and take him away from London for a weekend to a remote country village which apparently as an excess of accessible women. All the men are having trouble with their respective partners but that doesn't matter because they are all mates together and nothing is more important than that, as well you know!

Right from the start, it's evident that there no modern men to be seen. They are stereotyped sexists which is okay because all the women portrayed in the movie are the same. Don't expect morality or ethics from this movie! Instead, expect more blood and guts than you would see in a slaughterhouse, with the only difference being that the entrails are human.

The synopsis could be written on a postage stamp. They get to the village only to discover that all the women have been turned into zombie-like cannibals and all the men have been eaten alive. Supposedly, with the purpose of turning an enemy population against itself, an undercover military operation had released a virus into the environment to cause this sorry state of affairs. As you would expect, the experiment had got out of hand and only a couple of military men remain, one half eaten at that.

The movie becomes an escape from the flesh hungry zombie women. Running here and there, they evade death without serious injury except for missing fingers and broken knees. Eventually, they began to die and the original seven (one appeared later in the film) are reduced to three. Saying much more would spoil the plot, if indeed it could be said that this movie had a plot, but the late-night lager swilling pizza eaters watching this will be able to split their sides at watching splitting heads and spilling intestines.

There is a philosophical message to all of this but for the life of me I somehow don't get it. Nonetheless, it's a jolly and bloody romp which has its place. On this basis, it has to be recommended.
Rod MacDonald

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