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Dr Who: The Companion Chronicles: Home Truths by Simon Guerrier

01/01/2009. Contributed by Sue Davies

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pub: Big Finish. 60 minute CD. Price: 8.99 (UK) Price: 7.99 download. ISBN: 978-1-84435-354-5). . cast: Jean Marsh and Niall Macgregor .

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It's been 43 years since Sara Kingdom accompanied the Doctor and Stephen around the Universe. Actress Jean Marsh has not suffered from her short liaison with the aged time traveller. She has had a most distinguished career and even made a return visit as new character in 'Silver Nemesis'. Although not strictly classed as a companion, she has been uplifted to one by this retrospective series. Big Finish has expanded the original remit and it continues to add interest to the franchise by selecting distinguished former colleagues.

This one is a little different as Sara came to a She-like ending in episode 12 of 'The Daleks Master Plan'. The play takes place between episode 7 and 8. How she is resurrected to tell the story forms the intriguing notion around 'Home Truths'.

A traveller (voiced by Niall McGregor) arrives at a house and is told a story about what happened when the Doctor, Steven and Sara arrived at a mysterious house years before. What they found there was very disturbing and soon realised they were trapped within its walls.

Jean Marsh's beautiful intonation and years of acting experience make this a special treat. I first listened to this before researching her character. Honestly, I am too young to remember her original appearance! It is a first-rate spooky story for Christmas or any time of year. Its use of the Sara Kingdom character is inspired.

The good news is that next year we can also look forward to more original stories not only from well-know companions like Nyssa and Ace but also from Ian Chesterton and Polly and, finally, Mike Yates of UNIT fame. I just wish there were more hours in the day to listen to these tales. It's not even necessary to be a fan of 'Doctor Who' as like all good audio they allow in new listeners.

Sue Davies

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