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Farscape Classics Volume Two by Guy Gross

01/05/2009. Contributed by Geoff Willmetts

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pub: La-La Land Records. LLLCD 1046. 26 tracks 74 minute limited edition CD. Price: $19.98 (US).

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Episode music is invariably there to play up the mood of the scene and as such has been there ever since the early days of the cinema where a lone pianist would provide music for the silent movies. In many respects, especially where the strong emotions are conveyed and Science Fiction material is concerned, composers in our genre have often ended up writing was is essentially full orchestral pieces which wouldn't be out of place in a Proms summer season in the UK. Having listened to this CD, Australian composer Guy Gross should certainly be placed in that category.

It would be a mistake to think composer wrote the theme music to 'Farscape' as that was composed by Chris, Toby and Braedy Neal aka SubVision, although Gross was asked to develop it further for the darker third season. Consider also that with the musical scores from the two episodes, 'Die Me Dichotomy' and 'In The Lion's Den Part 2', Gross' introductory music segues into the theme, you would have thought it had been there from the start.

This is the second of three volumes of music from the 'Farscape' SF TV series. Alas, Volume One is sold out and I only discovered them recently and with only 1200 copies available, these should be bought before the hit the secondary market at inflated prices.

The twelve page booklet accompanying this CD features photos from the TV series as well as Guy Gross' own notes as to the requirements for each episode. Hard to believe that the second season was out in 2001 and how quickly time is drifting by, isn't it? He cites the most popular part of 'Die Me Dichotomy' is the dirge, 'Aeryn's Funeral', where he frequently gets requests for its use at recitals and funerals, which is rather appropriate. This and other themes where words are involved are in Latin rather than alien languages and Gross also supplies their English translation for those who want to know what it actually means.

The choice of 'In The Lion's Den Part 2' from the third season without Part One might seem an odd choice until you get to 'The Last Stand' which half-way through also springs into a choir to bring it to its height tying in a finale of Crichton versus Scorpius which complements the previous episode on this CD.

Both sets of music can stand proudly away from their original episodes as true works of art and if you love 'Farscape', you'll want to own this.

GF Willmetts

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