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Mobile Trek: In Space No One Can Hear You Dial by Douglas Rae

01/02/2009. Contributed by Rod MacDonald

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pub: Eloquent Books, New York. 70 pages PDF e-book. Price: $9.99 (US).

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Personally speaking, I can't stand mobile phones or cellphones for that matter. Admittedly, coming in useful when stuck on a country road or half-way up the Eiger's north face they are a good idea for emergencies but other than that they are a nuisance. In my youth, if people went about talking to themselves they would be locked up but today virtually everyone you see is doing just that.

Douglas Rae has written the ultimate spoof on both mobile phones and 'Star Trek'. Well, if you can't stand mobile phones you may as well laugh at them! Captain Pilchard and Sooty take us on a tour of the universe and call centres as well, combating villains, aliens and problems with buttons. This is funny stuff which will keep you laughing throughout the entire text and, my goodness, don't we need that now! The humour is inoffensive and being suitable for all ages the entire family can end up smiling.

Don't expect a detailed plot! This is full of jokes, puns, take-offs and landings of course. I particularly liked Sooty and his Scottish accent. Being Scottish, I didn't really mind exaggerated stereotypes but I might send Douglas Rae a text message of complaint. Actually, I've never sent a text message in my life. Incidentally, I don't think there are any ferret farms in Edinburgh, something which the author should know. The author, as his name suggests, is probably of Scottish descent but I believe he lives in Tasmania.

This is really quite a jolly book, something to take away the winter blues (here in the northern hemisphere) and it is certainly worth reading. I would switch off your phone while doing so!

You will be able to find out a lot more about the book and the author from its webpage noted above. The site which hosts it will explain a bit more about the publisher.

If only I had Douglas Rae's mobile phone number. I would suggest that everyone reading this review, potentially three quarters of a million on SFCrowsnest, should give him a ring!

Rod MacDonald

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