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Outlaw Trigger (Epic - Book 2) by Lee Stephen

01/12/2009. Contributed by Kelly Jensen

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pub: Stone Aside Publishing. 302 page enlarged paperback. Price: $13.49 (US). ISBN: 978-0-97885-081-4.

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I recently read and reviewed 'Dawn Of Destiny' the first book in this planned series of eight books. When I picked up 'Outlaw Trigger', I already knew the standard of writing I was going to encounter. My main concern was for the story. Would it suffer the second novel blues? Or worse, would it be just another entry into a long series, useless without companions? The answer to both these questions, thankfully and joyfully, was a resounding 'No!'

Perhaps, unusually for a second book in a planned longer series, 'Outlaw Trigger' includes a complete story arc. Three months after the events in 'Dawn Of Destiny', Scott Remington is looking forward to the visit of his fiancÚ, Nicole. The 14th, decimated by the attack on Novosibirsk, is being supplemented by two new recruits out of Philadelphia. In Eden Command, a new judge, Richard Archer, is taking a fresh look at General Thoor's leadership of Novosibirsk and the role of his elite corps, the Nightmen.

Scott has been put to the test before in 'Dawn Of Destiny', where he trusts in his faith and his will, enlisting with EDEN to fight the war for the planet. In other words, he reaches for his destiny. In 'Outlaw Trigger', Scott's faith is put to the test and for once, found lacking. The results are nothing less than shocking. While the greater plot of the alien invasion, the war and Earth's politics continue to advance, the real story here is in how Scott chooses to react to a change in his destiny unforeseen by all.

The writing, which was noted for professionalism and verve in the first novel only gets better in the second. The plot twists are clever and were not transparent to me. It's hard to talk about the story without giving away the kicker here. You will be left guessing and gasping at the end of this book. I am eager to pick up the thread in the next novel, 'Hero'. I need to see if and how Scott can redeem himself.

Kelly Jensen

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