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Robin Hood: Tiger's Tail by Jonathan Clements

01/07/2009. Contributed by Sue Davies

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pub: Big Finish. 60 minute 1 CD with extras. Price: CD: 8.99; Download: 7.99 (UK). ISBN: 978-1-84435-388-0) read by Jonas Armstrong.

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Robin Hood takes another outing on audio and this time it is the voice of Robin Hood himself, actor Jonas Armstrong, who tells his story of his time in Palestine. For once upon a time, Robin was a knight, Robin of Locksley, served by his faithful squire, Much.

At the end of a battle which the Crusaders lost, Robin is amazed to find he is alive and with swift action also manages to save his squire. They are surrounded by the dead and preparing to make their escape when they manage to find King Richard half-buried by bodies. It is their duty to get their King to safety but with only a ragged bunch of survivors they must negotiate vast enemy territory for they are well behind the lines. Taking off their identifying armour they attempt to walk the few days to Damascus with only the small problem of 500 Saracens between them and safety.

Told in the measured tones of Jonas Armstrong this has made me warm to the characters in Robin Hood. I've been avoiding it on the TV but I think I get it now. With its purposefully, anachronistic good humour this is good fun. Leaving aside how Robin is able to talk to Saracens, I'm not sure the Crusaders spoke Saracen or the Saracens spoke English. This is another little dramatic licence which this sort of drama always takes (see 'Doctor Who', 'Star Trek' for excuses). What the heck, its fun and there isn't enough of that in the world.

Sue Davies

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