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Surrogates: music by Richard Marvin

01/12/2009. Contributed by Geoff Willmetts

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pub: Lakeshore/Costa Communications B002TCRPOQ. 12 tracks 38 minute CD. Price: 17.09 (UK), $18.98 (US).

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'Surrogates' is a film starring Bruce Willis where people become aviators to characters in a digital world. That's not too far removed from current day on-line games, isn't it? As I haven't seen the film, I'm going to move on to the musical score by Richard Marvin that I have in my hands. Whether the film is good or bad is immaterial here. I have a taste for film music irrespective of that.

This album really takes you unaware. It starts off in a calm fashion before suddenly changing and got my reaction to really pay a lot more attention with my first listen. The beats in tracks 3 - 'Warrant_Foot Chase', 9 - 'Operation Prophet' and 11 - 'Shift Enter' and change of pace will brings your attention and heartbeats up to realise that Marvin is controlling with grip.

The write-up I had with this CD, which is only an advance copy so I'm without the final cover notes, says one hundred and twenty musicians were used to orchestrate this material. Richard Marvin has also done TV music for 'Six Feet Under' and 'Without A Trace' and this is his fourth collaboration with director Jonathan Mostow. He's altogether done one hundred feature films and TV episodes and as a pianist, played for the likes of Jerry Goldsmith, John Williams and Maurice Jarre. Listening to this CD, his pedigree shows. If it works as well in the film as it does just listening to the CD, then you'll want to own a copy of his music.

GF Willmetts

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