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The Last House On The Left by John Murphy

01/05/2009. Contributed by Geoff Willmetts

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pub: La-La Land Records. LLLCD 1092. 18 tracks 46 minute CD. Price: 17.99 (UK), $15.98 (US).

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Confessions from the start. I've yet to see Wes Craven's 'The Last House On The Left'. Shock! Horror! Choose your adjectives for those who've seen it. Horror films do attract some remarkable composers and the CD of the film score should be placed in that category. John Murphy is worth listening to purely based on what I'm hearing here rather than whether or not you've seen the film. A rich sometimes echo-laden score that mid-way through suddenly ups the pace for a chase before digging deeper for some mood tones again.

The eight-page booklet explains that Murphy wasn't really interested in composing another score after just completing another film but was interested in meeting director Wes Craven, who convinced him by showing some of the filmed scenes. Unless you turn the film volume down to watch, I doubt if many people outside of the industry see films purely as a series of images. A composer has to imagine and implement themes and moods to bring the emotions of the viewer to the fore, often without them even realising it. Based on what I'm hearing as I type this, John Murphy was certainly inspired.

This CD is effective to listen to during the day as well as the night and the eighteen tracks blend together without any jarring changes in tone. I should point out that the eighteenth track is an alternative version of the opening titles music. Comparing the two, I can understand why track one was used because of its richer tone and less spooky mood.

The more I've listened to this CD, the more I've liked it so if you collect soundtracks this is another one you should consider adding to your collection.

GF Willmetts

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