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A God Somewhere by John Arcudi, Peter Snejbjerg and Bjarne Hansen

1/07/2010. Contributed by Geoff Willmetts

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pub: Wildstorm/DC Comics. 194 page graphic novel. Price: $24.99 (US), $28.99 (CAN). ISBN: 978-1-4012-2683-1.

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'A God Somewhere' by John Arcudi, Peter Snejbjerg and Bjarne Hansen uses a somewhat standard comicbook trope of what happens in a real life situation when a single individual accidentally becomes super-human from a meteorite crash. In this case, the subject is Eric Forster, a little more than average type compared to his younger smarter brother Hugh, who is married to Alma. It was also a good thing that Eric's room-mate and life-long buddy, Sam, wasn't home or there would have been two super-humans but who initially gets off on being the 'friend' than actually being a friend to his more powerful buddy.

Eric's reaction is first in rescuing people, turning to religion and eventually becoming a menace, especially to his nearest and dearest, before the entire country and the military try to stop him. Anything else is definitely spoiler land.

I should point out that the violence is extremely graphic and not for the under-aged because nothing is held back. If you suddenly turn super-human, always remember there are no self-help classes you can attend because you really are in a category of your own. You're definitely going to feel the isolation of being one of a kind and I doubt if using Superman as your template for good behaviour is going to help although I note that in passing cos this isn't the DC Universe.

If anything, I found it a little disturbing on reflection that I didn't feel more sympathy for Eric's character. He didn't ask to become super-human but turning from average to really superior is a big jump for any person and I'm not even sure if its creators could empathise with him more than his brother and friends. With great power comes greater emotions and a lack of self-control becomes fatal when anything you want is there for the taking. Whether this is also to show how shallow America would be in such a situation and literally go in with nukes makes things scary. Certainly there should be some thought and protocols laid down as to what to do in such circumstances in any reality.

Whether or not you believe in the lives of these four main characters or not, you do get hooked into what is going on and where it goes. A definite life lesson.

GF Willmetts

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