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Andromeda Spaceways 48

1/12/2010. Contributed by Rod MacDonald

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Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine # 48. pub: Andromeda Spaceways. 100 page A5 magazine. $ 4.95 (AUS) PDF copy online, hardcopy: $8.95 (AUS). Subscription six issues $ 27.00 (AUS).

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A new edition of ‘Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine’, the international magazine from Australia. Packed full of fiction and other features, including four very good interviews and a dozen short stories, there is plenty on offer for all Science Fiction fans out there. At a reasonable price, you won't be disappointed.

However, I was rather disappointed with the front cover from American artist Chris Mars. I've seen quite a few representations of the Madonna and Child from various artists including Leonardo da Vinci and Paul Gauguin but by far this is the most grotesque ever witnessed. I'm wondering why it should be on the front cover? While I'm not a Catholic, I'm sure lots of readers would find this offensive. Perhaps the cover was intended to be controversial? If this is the case then it's obviously been successful but it will pass away in time and people will forget about it. Now, surely it would have been better to use a grotesque image of the Prophet Muhammad? That would have stirred up a lot more shit! It would also have provoked a fatwa against them! No, better to have remained with the easier option.

Mark Farrugia starts things going with a story called ‘A Bag Full of Arrows’. A strange Nordic tale about a dragon and the family it has brutalised. Also in the magazine we had ‘The Number Made Flesh’ by Ross Murray. This was original and well written. It told about Channel 13 on TV, the dead channel, and how it affected all those who watched it.

‘Hobbit Query Letter’ written by Peter Cooper is a lesson to us all. It's a fictional response from a literary agent to JR Tolkien pointing out exactly what is wrong with his work. Of course, we know different.

My favourite story was ‘Halcyon’ by the unusually named A Dale Triplett. A comet is heading for Earth and we are all doomed. How would we all react? Perhaps the author has got it right! Entertaining and enlightening!

If you've got vertigo then go and read ‘Free Falling’ by Mark Welker. It reminds me of the joke about someone falling off a tall building thinking, so far so good. A great story with plenty of impact!

You'll find 136 pages on the PDF version. Thus insufficient time for all 12 stories to be commented on except to say there's nothing disappointing in the bunch and plenty to keep you alert and interested. Good quality fiction from this excellent magazine.

Keep up-to-date with all the changes to be made to the format and frequency of ASIM in the near future. I think this magazine is very good value for money, it's got a style all of its own and it has substance and quality. Why not check it out?

Rod MacDonald

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