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Andromeda Spaceways magazine 47

01/10/2010. Contributed by Rod MacDonald

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pub: Andromeda Spaceways. 100 page A5 magazine. $ 4.95 (AUS) PDF copy online, hardcopy: $ 8.95 (AUS) . Subscription six issues $ 27.00 (AUS).

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Number 46 and 47 were sent at the same time by ‘Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine’. I'm afraid time doesn't allow for both issues to be reviewed so with apologies to the contributors of number 46, the review will be confined to the latest edition, number 47.

Issue number 47 with 112 pages of fiction, reviews and commentary continues the high standard set by this international Science Fiction magazine. We go straight into a uniquely entertaining short story entitled ‘Digging Up The Vote’ written by Patrick S Tomlinson. Well, politicians go to any length to get elected but raising the dead to do so is rather questionable.

It's all rather easy. Just carry out a voodoo ceremony, chuck in some animal remains and you've got a lot of zombies coming out the graves to register their votes. This humorous story tells the tale of the hapless organiser who has to take the zombies from the graves to the voting booths. Several things go wrong, as you would expect, and some interesting questions are posed. Such as, can you be charged for murder for killing a zombie which is already dead? Plenty of flesh on this story!

There are nine short stories for you to read. Steven Watts’ story ‘Dog’ took us to life on an old space freighter. Maybe slow and perhaps a piece of junk, the freighter was nevertheless reliable and it had been home to generations of people. However, what was this mystical creature called Dog? Was he a real or just a myth? One of the occupants decided to find out.

‘Killing Time’ by Felicity Pulman tells the tale of Bull, a powerful Australian rules football player as the name suggests who has been severely injured by a high tackle. Lying in a coma waiting to die or wake up, his wife decides her own hand should make the decision. The consequences were not pleasant.

Other stories included ‘The Machine Whisperer’ by Gary Cuba. Joe the handyman could fix anything. However, what would he do when an explosive device came to the scene? Was this something he would want to fix? There was also a rather clever story called ‘Acid’ from Debb Carroll. This was all about chemistry to some extent and chemical reactions involving acids, alkalis, salts and oil. There was a problem in that unfortunate creatures were the victims of experimentation.

Lots of entertainment in this Science Fiction magazine based in Australia but with the world and the galaxy in mind. Several more stories, articles, book reviews and editorial made up the content. If you haven't checked out this magazine before it would be worthwhile looking at their website to see what is on offer.

One fact worth mentioning is that soon the magazine will change from bi-monthly to quarterly but never fear the reader will not lose out. There will still be the same amount of fiction and the quarterly issues will be much larger. I believe that the magazine has special offers at the moment which will be displayed on their website. ‘Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine’ has a singular character in the world of publishing and I'm sure that changes in the future will not have any effect on its quality and readability.

Rod MacDonald

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