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Army Of The Dead

01/10/2010. Contributed by Rod MacDonald

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region 2 DVD: pub: Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment KAL8088. 1 DVD 89 minute film. Price: GBP12.99 (UK)) stars: Ross Kelly and Stefani Marchesi.

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This DVD of ‘Army Of The Dead’ was first released as a movie two years ago is rather grim stuff but so it should be, considering it features lots of murdering skeletons. No longer in cupboards, they have come out to fight and kill. These creatures are not zombies with rotting flesh hanging off them, rather they are more akin to the skeleton army witnessed many years ago in ‘Jason And The Argonauts’.

The movie commences with a bunch of gold greedy conquistadores in search of El Dorado. Having found gold somewhere in a cave, the hapless chaps are massacred by skeletons which come to life, killed no less by flaming arrows of outrageous fortune. None are left alive!

Now we arrive in modern times. Predictable you may think and in this low-budget movie, most of the happenings and sequences are rather predictable. Getting through this movie is an endurance test not only for the characters but for the viewer as well. Ross Kelly and Stefani Marchesi act out the roles of the two main characters, John and Amy, going out into the wilderness of the desert to take part in a car racing tour, a present from her to him for his birthday. They are the good guys and as you would expect there are also bad guys.

Amongst the crowd, they meet up with are Professor Vasquez and his three henchmen. This man has an agenda of his own which is to find the gold. Also involved are a few individuals with hang-ups, including the guy in charge of the racing and a floozy with designs on John. This scheming woman causes trouble between the two young lovers, implanting seeds of doubt in their paradise.

Guess what happens? The professor finds the gold and this, of course, awakens the skeleton army. By the way, the skeletons belong to the Spanish conquistadores, updated to some extent by the carrying of modern weapons. The professor goes mad and his henchmen are slaughtered. It is then that the grim battle for survival begins. Not only do the young lovers have to fight their own skeletons in cupboards, they have to fight against the army intent on their demise. It is at this point that the movie begins to get rather boring and predictable.

Overall, the movie was entertaining enough and will be quite good on a Friday night after a few pints of ale, a stage when the senses become numb enough to endure the fighting skeletons. This doesn't seem to be a classic movie. My guess is that it will disappear into obscurity only to be dug up occasionally in the future. Like the skeletons, it will cause a little mayhem. Otherwise, I would not go out of my way to buy this DVD.

Rod MacDonald

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