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CLiNT # 1

1/09/2010. Contributed by Geoff Willmetts

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pub: Titan Books. 100 page monthly illustrated colour magazine. Price: 3.99 (UK).

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Editor Mark Millar's assertion that kids have been crying out for a mag like 'CLiNT' beggars the question as to whether they will buy it based on the fact that it says 'Adult Material' on the cover which might make newsagents put it on the top shelf. Saying that, other than a bit of swearing, it's relatively tame in comparison.

Mark Millar's own 'Kick-Ass', illustrated by John Romita Jr, kicks off the mag as a continuing series leading on from where the film ended. It's too early to say where this is leading except to say Mindy has been a naughty girl hiding her weapons cache and her foster father has found out.

'Turf' is the comicstrip you've heard about that TV presenter Jonathan Ross has been working on and it illustrated by Tommy Lee Edwards. We all know Ross' love for comicbooks but whether the transition of reader to writer of them will hold has to be debated. The story concerns itself with vampires hitting on gangsters during America's prohibition period and at twenty-six pages for an opening chapter is quite an involved read. The areas I consider problematic though is no really distinctive characters, whether good or bad, and far too much text when Edwards' art was more than adequate to the job. The job of a good comicbook scripter is to let the story be carried by the art and not think every panel has to have wordage. Ross borders on talking heads in a few places rather than rely on the tension of what is going on. No doubt he will learn and develop as this goes on but I also suspect to keep ahead of schedule, this won't be obvious in the first few issues.

In contrast., 'Rex Royd' by Frankie Boyle and Jim Muir and illustrated by Michael Dowling uses less text and still makes for a strong story. Super-human bodyguard showing what he's capable of before being sent off to infiltrate the warrior robot program.

Mark Millar writes 'Nemesis' which is drawn by Steve McNiven about a super-human terrorist who takes delight in killing people and is lining up to take on one of the better cops. Things aren't helped when the man in white captures the American President.

I should point out that all the stories within are just starting out and as build-ups it looks like there's a long way to go before getting into it all to pass some serious judgement. The real question lies with whether there's enough material here to keep the readers to come back on a monthly basis. It certainly needs more than 'Space Oddities' by Manual Bracchi as a regular short story to back it up. They are all very graphic and extremely violent. I doubt if any of them will have any break-out characters but then again, even '2000AD' didn't have theirs until the second issue. The real challenge is whether or not it will continue beyond initial interest.

I should point out that there's also out there's the usual fare of interviews, this time with comedian Jimmy Carr, and a look at an old mad villain, Charlie Manson. I just wish someone would explain to me why it's called 'CLiNT', especially as there's no sign of Mr. Eastwood. At least I didn't accuse Frankie Boyle of turning into the Honey Monster...yet!!!

GF Willmetts

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