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Chocky's Children

1/07/2010. Contributed by Rod MacDonald

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region2 DVD: pub: Revelation Films. PAR61468. 1 DVD 150 minutes 6 * 25 minute episodes and extras. Price: 19.99 (UK))stars: Andrew Ellams, Annabel Worrall and Ed Bisho.

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Following on from the success of the original children's Science Fiction adventure 'Chocky', Thames Television made a sequel, 'Chocky's Children', six episodes each of thirty minute duration, which was put on television in 1985. This is now available on DVD from Revelation Films.

In the first series, the boy Matthew Gore (actor Andrew Ellams) had come into contact with an alien presence by the name of Chocky. This attracted the attention of government intelligence, in particular Dr. Deacon (actor Ed Bishop).

In this second series, Matthew, away from his parents, is staying with his Aunt Cissie in the countryside. It starts innocuously enough with Matthew developing a talent as an artist with which he draws very detailed pictures of cities and places around the world. However, it also seems he is oddly attracted to windmills which he draws with intense vigour.

Unknown to Matthew and his aunt, the authorities are still interested in his activities. They plant a surveillance person, an insipid youth by the name of Luke, whose job will be to look at what is going on.

While exploring the country, Matthew discovers the windmill. He also strikes up a relationship with the owner's daughter, Albertine (actress Annabel Worrall), who likewise seems to have been influenced by the alien Chocky. This is all too much for the authorities and at Dr. Deacon's request, Albertine is kidnapped and interrogated.

The story is then about Matthew and his attempt to rescue Albertine. Of course, he can't do this on his own and it's up to Chocky to come to the rescue.

In this mild-mannered series from the 1980s, by today's standards of special effects, it appears dated but accepting this, the drama is at a very high standard and the actors all performed very well. Ed Bishop died a few years ago. Many will remember him from Gerry Anderson's 'UFO'. Of the other actors in the series Chocky's Children, most have disappeared without trace. Andrew Ellams who played Matthew and Annabel Worrall who took the part of Albertine didn't do very much after this. This, of course, is often the fate of children actors who never make it to adulthood roles.

This is very good and safe entertainment for children. There's nothing nasty to upset anyone from this DVD series and it could prove to be ideal for wet summer days which are sure to come.

Rod MacDonald

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