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Dead Like Me: Life After Death

1/01/2010. Contributed by Geoff Willmetts

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Region 1 DVD: pub: MGM B001JV5BHQ. 87 minute film with extras. Price: 6.00 (UK) if you know where to look)cast: Ellen Muth, Callum Blue, Sarah Wynter, Jasmine Guy, Britt McKillip, Christine Willes, Cynthia Stevenson and Henry Ian Cusick.

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It is five years since the end of Season 2 of the TV series 'Dead Like Me' and you can't keep a good series down. Laura Harris might be gone and currently 'Defying Gravity' but Daisy Adair is still there played by Sarah Wynter. Rube Sofer (actor Mandy Patinkin) is definitely gone to the great beyond but becomes the whole point of the plot with his replacement, Cameron Kane (played by Henry Ian Cusick). The other Reapers have matured, like George Lass (actress Ellen Muth), stayed or got more bitchy like Roxy Harvey (actress Jasmine Guy) or still have their nuisance bad attitude like Mason (actor Callum Blue). Joy Lass (actress Cynthia Stevenson) is divorced and alone and trying to come to terms with her second daughter, Reggie (actress Britt McKillip), as she gets older. Even Happy Place, where George works has had a serious upgrade after being bought out but Dolores Herbig (actress Christine Willes) is still her boss and carrying her ailing cat around with her.

In case you missed my two reviews covering the two season 'Dead Like Me', the premise is based selected dead people stay on Earth to act as Reapers, specialising in ensuring the souls of the dearly departed go on to a happier place. George's group in the Seattle area deal with accidental deaths and murder.

With Rube gone and the diner they eat at burnt down, they come under the auspices of Cameron Kane, who wants the souls taken quickly or not at all so that they can all get back to enjoying themselves. He, himself, is extremely wealthy and becomes prone to giving them the wrong information. When George tries to retrieve the soul of a student and fails because she was given the wrong time, she realises they have the wrong leader but the others have already been taken in by him. The student was nearly a boyfriend to her sister and George ultimately reveals who she is to her, breaking another rule especially as she no longer looks like her original body. To top it all, Dolores' cat is dying and George gets fired from her job by being rude and temperamental to one of her staff.

Just a normal time for the dead in other words. 'Life After Death' still has something although I'm not entirely sure I like using comicstrip to explain things at the beginning cos it tends to break the fourth wall. Certainly all the cast have a chance to act and even go beyond their normal characters when Kane distorts them which is always a good sign. 'Dead Like Me' was always black-humoured and with eighty-seven minutes, the story fills it up adequately. The audio commentary with director Stephen Herek and actress Ellen Muth certainly seems to suggest that if the sales of this one do well, we might see another one. The bad language used does suggest that it might only end up on a minority channel. It's certainly not been shown on any British TV channels.

What makes 'Dead Like Me' worth checking out is that it also has heart and addresses things in a more unusual way than most. The fact that it has a film out shows it's not forgotten and has a supporting fan base. If you missed the seasons, give them a go first. If you've got them, then this one is worth a look and at reduced price, within everyone's budget.

GF Willmetts

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