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Green Lantern: Blackest Night

01/10/2010. Contributed by Geoff Willmetts

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Green Lantern: Blackest Night by Geoff Johns, Ivan Regis, Oclair Albert and Joe Prado. pub: Titan Books/DC Comics. 304 page graphic novel hardback. Price: GBP22.99 (UK). ISBN: 978-1-84856-806-8.

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I’m still getting back into the swing of Hal Jordan’s resurrection and taking back his mantle as the Green Lantern of Sector 2814, let alone there being nearly a spectrum of other corps out there with their own agendas. This time it is the Black Lanterns who have a quaint way of going into battle. They resurrect the dead and on Earth that’s a lot of super-heroes and super-villains. Occasionally, where some aren’t dead in the first place, they are killed to join the ranks. Life is suddenly going to get a lot rougher, especially when the Black Rings show they are capable of taking over anyone who has died and come back and there’s a lot of them about. A good thing they were a little slow where the Flash was concerned.

To get reinforcements, one of the OA guardians embodies the power from the various corps into other super-people that represents the strengths needed. Joining these are a couple villains in the form of Lex Luthor and the Scarecrow. There are a lot of surprises, most of which happens to characters you least expect it to happen to. If anything Hal Jordan gets pushed to one side but that’s a touch of spoiler. Suffice to say, if you mix all the colours together, it was inevitable something white is likely to happen and brings back the Anti-Monitor. Can I say that without being too much of a spoiler?

In many respects, seeing so many dead characters being resurrected as zombies it would be inevitable that some would be brought back to real life as well so to speak and if I have to reveal anything here for you to check out, it’s seeing Deadman take his mask off after so many years. There are some characters that don’t come back and one in particular will be explained in his own series.

I do like writer Geoff Johns’ explanation as to why the DC Earth is the centre of their universe. Always a good sign when writers make sense of the reality they are working in and this one will make you think about anything else this raises from past history. According to the back of the book there are another six books in this ‘Blackest Night’ saga so this is really only the start so perhaps can be forgiven for making it so top heavy with continual battles although the character-spotters amongst you are going to love picking out who is there.

Something I liked about this at the beginning of the graphic novel and one of its quietest moments is how the recently resurrected Barry Allen aka the Flash discusses with Hal Jordan how in their line of work, death might not be the end. An interesting touch for what was to follow. Likewise, Mera amongst the few surviving JLA members points out how none of them can fly which is a good observation. The creators notes at the back hint they see a lot of potential in Mera and I’m sure they’ll explore it later. Excuse me for now, I have to charge my power ring and get into battle. Don’t miss it.

GF Willmetts

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