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Green Lantern: Rebirth

01/10/2010. Contributed by Geoff Willmetts

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Green Lantern: Rebirth by Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver. pub: DC Comics. 192 page softcover. Price: $14.99 (US). $17.99 (CAN). ISBN: 0978-1-4012-2755-5.

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Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern of Sector 2814, is dead. He’s been that way for some time. It wasn’t entirely his fault as a being called Parallax, the yellow impurity in the master power battery on Oa, used him as a conduit to escape and possess him and went on a vengeance kick which destroyed much of what Jordan loved, including Coast City, before attacking the Corps on Oa itself. Jordan regained control of himself long enough to restore our own sun to life, sacrificing himself in the process. Death is never easy in the DC Universe and the twin souls become the guiding force behind the spirit of vengeance, the Spectre, and mete out justice in its way. Until now.

Hal Jordan’s personality is reasserting himself and the Spectre ultimately kicks him out and by an effort of will is reunited with his preserved body and right into a return battle with Sinestro as the Green Lantern Corps is restored by the Guardians of Oa.

I left reading comics back in the 90s just prior to Hal Jordan being ousted from his comicbook to be replaced with a young upstart called Kyle Rayner. It was happening with a lot of the old guard at the time, including the Flash and even Batman, to find a younger character that newer readers could call their own. The fact that the older characters have been restored now seems to indicate that it wasn’t that successful experiment or it’s ingrained too much to want to see new people take the original mantle. Even the likes of John Stewart and Guy Gardner were never looked on as replacements.

Writer Geoff Johns brought all this information together and saw a means to restore Hal Jordan that initially reminded me a bit of the emotional effect ‘Close Encounters Of The Third Kind’ with a dash of ‘The Twilight Zone’ for some reason. Not sure if that was intended but I’m sure you’ll find your own associations when you read this book the 2004/2005 ‘Green Lantern: Rebirth’ mini-series.

I think the most significant thing was have an explanation for where all the energy comes from that powers the main battery on Oa being the accumulative will-power of all sentient species and it requires a special kind of mind to manipulate that energy. When you consider the effort it took for Green Arrow to generate a single arrow using Jordan’s power ring, it makes you realise how special you have to be to be a Green Lantern.

Ethan Van Sciver’s pencils, inked by himself, Prentis Rollins, Marl Alquiza and Mick Grey, are really enhanced by colorist Moose Baumann doing effects on the computer that complement the Green Lantern green energy is a glowing way.

If you need a reminder as to why Green Lantern is so special then have a look at this book. Now, where’s my power battery?

GF Willmetts

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