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Jupiter # 28: XXVIII Autonoe

01/06/2010. Contributed by Rod MacDonald

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pub: Ian Redman, 19 Bedford Road, Yeovil, Somerset BA21 5UG, UK. 60 A5 magazine. ISSN: 1740-2069. Price: 2.75 plus postage (UK). 4.99 PDF for 4 issues (requires 1.5mb in mailbox).

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Another interesting edition of 'Jupiter' magazine, this no-nonsense publication which is packed full of good fiction. There are four stories to read this time but first we must mention the cover which is by Daniel Bristow-Bailey. All of Jupiter's covers, excepting one, have been in monochrome black and white and this continues the tradition.

With such limitations you would think that there wouldn't be much scope for dramatic art but this isn't the case. Like the images of Ansell Adams, black and white has a certain charm and the covers of 'Jupiter' bring out a stark reality synonymous with a space environment where there is not much room for pastel shades. The cover depicts a repair man fixing a robot. Perhaps this man should be looking over his shoulder to see if another robot is going to take his place.

Timothy Miller kicks off with a strange story about competing classmates, their teachers and aliens from whom their powers are derived. 'The Colour Seven' is obviously in a futuristic setting but the people are still human.

'22nd Century Genie' by Simon Kewin isn't about spirits coming out of bottles but rather genes and DNA from the deceased about to be made alive again. Moral implications are obvious to us living in this time but what about the ethics of our future selves?

'A Cold Dish' from Ian Sales takes us to the satellites of Saturn. Humans are still at their old game regardless of the setting. There is a war going on out there just as nasty and devious as those fought on Earth.

Finally, we've got 'Clown In Apus' by Gary Budgen. In this story, some unconventional, to say the least, newspaper reporters attend a press event which is also unconventional. Singularities, wormholes and the creation of a new universe seem to be the order of events. Nevertheless, everything goes wrong and the lives of the reporters become somewhat mixed up. Of the four stories, this was my favourite. Well-written in a gritty sort of way, packing a punch right to the end.

Rod MacDonald

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