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Legion DVD (2010)

1/8/2010. Contributed by Rod MacDonald

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region 2 DVD. pub: Sony Pictures B0033AGJ1S. 1 DVD 100 minute film with extras. Price: 19.99 (UK).

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This movie, 'Legion', was doing its rounds a few months ago in the cinemas and now it is out on DVD. Now, it's got nothing to do with the Roman Empire or even the French Foreign Legion. It's all to do with Angels.

The main setting is a diner somewhere in an American desert where everything is dusty and certainly not glitzy. Within this austere place we've got a young pregnant woman, her boy-friend, his father who owns the place, a worker and some customers. All have their own stories to tell and each will be affected by the oncoming apocalypse.

Meanwhile, in town under the cover of darkness an angel falls out of the sky. Michael is his name and seems to be into self-harming, promptly cutting off his wings in order to become human. Such a shame the wings were discarded. They could have fetched a couple of dollars on eBay.

After arming himself with lots of automatic weapons, he has a strange encounter with the law. One of the policeman, with a shake of the head, is transformed into a shark-tooth demon. Michael then steals the police car and makes for the diner in the desert.

The first inkling that something is wrong in the diner comes when an elderly woman is transformed into a murdering demon. Michael arrives and prepares them for the on-coming apocalypse. Right, you've got the gist of the story. Apparently God has become fed-up with humanity and decides to destroy them all. Good thinking, you might say, but the omnipotent deity realises that a baby is about to be born which will change everything. He wants this baby dead! Michael had the job but had second thoughts. He is out to save the baby at all costs but Angel Gabriel now has this job and he is a bit nastier in all respects. Not only does he employ his own angelic skills to do battle, he mobilises an army of demons to attack the diner.

Now, I'm not sure about the theology to all of this and maybe we shouldn't try to think too hard about the fact that the angels have black wings. We should just say that God works in mysterious ways! The story becomes a shoot-out with zombies. Okay, not exactly zombies but the diner is besieged by creatures not remotely removed from this type of anti-social behaviour. The unfortunate people in the diner have to fight for their lives and also the future of mankind. We then have the showdown between Michael and Gabriel.

What can we make out of this DVD? It's low-budget and this sort of stuff has been done before but strangely it is compelling to watch if only for the action which comes between spells of self-reflection amongst the diner residents. It's a great pity the characters are elucidated to any extent because they don't have long to live. Should I have told you this? Oh well, it's an apocalypse isn't it? This is basically a zombified punch-up with the angelic bust up at the end. As action it is really quite good to watch but do not look for philosophical interpretations or significant religious manifestations.

With these limitations in mind, 'Legion' is worth watching and probably worth buying as well. If you are not Christian, you will have a good laugh. If you are a Christian then don't take it too seriously.

Rod MacDonald

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