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Legion soundtrack by John Frizzell

01/02/2010. Contributed by Geoff Willmetts

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pub: La-La Land Records LLLCD 1121. 51 minutes 25 tracks. Price: $17.99 (US), 16.49 (UK).

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In the twelve page booklet that comes with the soundtrack of the new film 'Legion', composer John Frizzell explains how he didn't use woodwind and trumpets, relying entirely on strings and low brass from his orchestra. Useful to know but unless you listen to a piece of music solely to count musical instruments then I hope you're pretty much like me and want to hear what is done with the music first rather than pass judgement on instrument choice.

I have to confess that all I really know about this film is from this booklet and that with the failure of Mankind, God has sent his angels in to bring on the apocalypse with only a group of people trapped in the desert standing in the way. The booklet is littered with full-size pictures of the cast including one chap who could swallow three quad-size Big Macs in one bite which is rather startling.

I've commented in the past that I invariably list to soundtracks as separate entities to the film they back to see if they can stand up on their own. 'Legion' has a rich sound that will keep your attention throughout and will bear repeated listening, especially at night and in the dark. Its stringent chords will beat into you as a complete blend and drive you right to the end. It is a strong musical composition that carries through all twenty-five tracks as a cohesive whole.

Soundtracks carry the emotional content of the film and this works extremely well. If the film is as strong as the music then both are served well.

GF Willmetts

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