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Siege mini-series # 1 of 4 by Brian Michael Bendis and Olivier Coipel

01/02/2010. Contributed by Ewan Angus

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You know things are going to hell when Bullseye and Venom become the voices of reasons within a comic. Two of the Marvel Universe's biggest bad-asses are trying to say a plan is insane. It makes you wonder, how insane is this plan?

Well, considering this is the last planned big crossover event for Marvel for a good while, now that they've decided to have 'family events' instead which are big stories involving certain branches, it's got to be pretty insane. It's also the culmination of seven years worth of Marvel stories. First we had 'Avengers: Disassembled', then 'House Of M', then the infamous 'Civil War', which ended in the death of Captain America, then there was the 'Secret Invasion' and then there was 'Dark Reign', where Norman Osborn was head of the world to put it in a blunt way. He had usurped and taken the role Nick Fury had held for years.

Now it comes to a climax with 'Siege' and its main premise is that Norman Osborn decides to declare war on someone, yup, prepare to shake your head at the insanity. That someone or something is Asgard. The Norse Gods homeland, which for the record is currently floating eight feet above Oklahoma.

So off Osborn goes and declares war on the gods, without the Presidents say so.
Then we get a taster of the explosions and chaos of the event as Thor clashes with Osborn.

The comic admits admirably that it is nothing more than the first step but it's done in such a strong and poignant way that you can't help but await the next issue eagerly. The pay-offs this comic houses are both expertly managed and fantastically epic. The final full page panel features no words, merely one character rising from his seat at the news of the attack. A subtle yet provoking image.

Overall, this is a comic for both those who follow the Marvel Universe sparingly and those who are totally immersed in it. It leaves no one out and it is a perfect jump on issue for anyone who has given up, fallen behind or just fancies a great comic.

In terms of being an event comic, there is only a normal-sized amount of comic in here but that doesn't stop things being set up brilliantly. The pawns are taking their positions and the heroes are gearing up to do what they do best. It seems like this series will be filled with the retribution that the heroes and readers are dying for.

The art is handled by the brilliant Olivier Coipel, who had worked with Brian Michael Bendis before on 'House Of M' and who had been doing the duties for the latest on-going 'Thor'.

As it's a special occasion comic, there is three different worded conversation 'case file' type conversations of between Osborn and his crew of evil Dark Avengers, an afterword by Joe Quesada and a preview of 'The Fall Of The Hulks' storyline, which is one of the aforementioned family events. It was a bit of a dull preview but it wasn't meant to do anything other than preview another comic that could probably do with a boost.

Filled with the bits that make comicbook fans giggle with glee, this first issue bodes well for the event and highlights the fact that Marvel wants to go out of event comics with a bang. The inclusion of certain characters and the promise of a reuniting of the big three, Thor, Iron Man and Captain America, means that this will get the attention it deserves.

Ewan Angus

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