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The 7th Dimension

1/09/2010. Contributed by Rod MacDonald

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region 2 DVD: pub: Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment KAL8067. 1 DVD 90 minutes with extras. Price: 12.99 (UK))stars: Kelly Adams, Jonathan Rhodes, Lucy Evans and Calita Rainford.

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Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. What can one say about this DVD,' The 7th Dimension'? Well, it's a low-budget affair but that does not mean to say it should be bad. There's lots of low-budget material out there which is quite good but this one feels low-budget and fails to score on any level apart from the acting which is reasonable and of television standard.

Throughout the movie the sound quality, at least on the review copy, is not very good and varies between inaudible whispering and low-frequency booming. Apart from that, everything is dark! Perhaps to cover-up inadequacies in the scenery, most of this is shot at night and in dark rooms. It actually becomes very depressing.

Well, onto the story. It begins with a couple of slappers, Sarah and her good friend Zoe, played by Kelly Adams and Lucy Evans. Having a night out on the town with dismal prospects for romance, Zoe insists on contacting her boyfriend, a tutor called Malcolm. They eventually track him down to the upper levels of a penthouse flat but when entering they discover not only Malcolm but a guy in a wheelchair named Declan and a weird oriental girl, Kendra, with scars on her wrists. By the way, the room is also full of computer equipment of all shapes and sizes.

It transpires that Declan, a rather unstable character, has got them all into computer hacking. The main aim of their quest is to get them into The Vatican! You see, as if you didn't know, part of the Jewish Bible called the Torah (the first five books of Moses) is of special significance in that word associations throw up all sorts of magical and mysterious stuff which can predict the future. This, of course, in reality is a complete lot of rubbish. Undeterred, Declan wants to get into the real Torah which is in the Vatican vaults. Only when he has got his hands on this will the future be open to him.

Things migrate from bad to worse. Zoe has sex with her boyfriend Malcolm and Sarah leaves the premises only to return to collect her mobile phone which she'd left behind. Once back in the building, automatic doors shut them all in and the real action begins. They hack into the Vatican, some weird remote-sensing people from the CIA in America stick in their noses and a whole barrel of pseudoscience gets emptied out all over the place, with no rhyme or reason to any of it.

We now take a flight to dimensional physics theory. The Torah gets ramped up through the dimensions, people get murdered and Declan is transformed into a god, discarding his wheelchair in the process. Invoked are parallel universes, cause and effect conundrums, extra-sensory perception, thought control and a whole lot of other mumbo-jumbo. Most of it seems to be placed in the movie just for the sake of it and I defy anyone to say otherwise. Mind you, it is said that one man's physics is another man's mumbo-jumbo. However, I think in making the movie the tactic was to throw in a piece of that or a piece of this trying to make it more interesting. After all, it is low-budget nonsense and thank goodness they didn't spend any more money.

There are tense moments in the movie, such as when Kendra falls off the balcony and Sarah does a walk outside to try to escape from the apartment. It's a pity it was all so dark and gloomy. Overall, while purporting to be prophetic it tends rather to be pathetic. After watching this movie I was most disappointed that I had wasted ninety minutes of my life. I would urge you not to do the same!

Rod MacDonald

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