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Vengeance of the Moon Knight # 1 by Greg Hurwitz, Jerome Opena and Dan Brown

01/02/2010. Contributed by Ewan Angus

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pub: Marvel Comics. 22 page comics. Price: 3.10 (UK).

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This is how things should be done in comicbooks. It's a throwback, a homage, to a time where the bad guys were the bad guys and the good guys were good guys. Except it's Moon Knight so it's all a bit messed up. In the best way possible.

I'm never quite sure where to place Moon Knight in my super-hero canon. Is he A list or B list? Is he top flight or first division? I'm not quite sure.
What I am sure of is how awesome this issue is.

Over the last year or so in the Moon Knight comic, the titular character's schizophrenic behaviour has worsened and following an altercation with Norman Osborn's Thunderbolts, he was believed dead. Except this is a comicbook so you know nobody ever really dies, for example, Captain America is back this month.

So it then emerged that old Moony wasn't dead, instead his main identity Marc Spector was killed so the cold taxi driver Jake Lockley took his place. He then fled to Mexico and kicked the crap out of some drug dealers and wrestlers with the help of Frank Castle aka the Punisher.

Now he's back, and how does Greg Hurwitz handle it?
Like a charm.

Opening with a bank robbery, Hurwitz doesn't even think of placing Moon Knight back in the Marvel Universe proper. Nope, he fires him in.

Comics can be as political, satirical and judgemental as they want, this issue has all of those and more, but give me an explosive intro with big heroics and you got me.

Of course, it's not all plain sailing for Moon Knight as he still has to deal with his like for a drink, his on/off girl-friend Marlene and over all he has to stop himself from killing the bad guys.

This is where this issue excels. His damaged psyche has him hallucinating mini-Khonshus who bait him into killing and the wordplay screams out with dark, but comical undertones.

'No! Don't you remember you enjoy hurting people!' states a wee twisted Khonshu/Moon Knight hallucination after he has refrained from sticking a rapist's head in a meat grinder. It excels so well because it doesn't seem forced, it just flows, like the rest of this issue.

On top of all this, the comic boasts one of my favourites scenes in...well, a long time. The giant poster of a sickeningly smug and triumphant Norman Osborn is towering over a street, Moon Knight ghosts past and Osborn has a scraped on Hitler style 'tash. Its subtle, it's almost unnoticeable and it's brilliant.

The art is handled by Jerome Opena and Dan Brown and it is fantastic. All scratchy lines and off-colour hues really give this comic its twisted, delusional edge.

If the current run of 'Deadpool', with its subtle sarcasm and its mental character is what you're into then this is a must buy. If you're new to Moon Knight, I would say this is a great place to jump on and get started. The messed up nature of the character might not appeal to all but now that he's doing the right thing or at least trying shows ol' Moony for what he really is. A hero. It also shows how a comic should be when it's done right.

Ewan Angus

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