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American Horror Story

01/11/2011. Contributed by J.L. Jamieson

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FX/FX UK, Premieres 7th November 2011 UK/Airs on Wednesdays US).

The Harmon family move into a beautiful California mansion after Ben (Dylan McDermott) has an affair and Vivien (Connie Britton) has a miscarriage. Their daughter, Violet (Taissa Farmiga) has some problems of her own. She begins seeing a troubled teen-age psych patient of her father’s.

The family begins to notice odd things about the house and it’s weird host of residents and neighbours: a maid who appears elderly to everyone but Ben, creepy socialite neighbour Constance (Jessica Lange), a half-burned patient named Larry (Denis O’Hare), and a stream of thrill-seekers and horror hounds who look on the house with deadly fascination. The house has had a long history of murder and death and has the ghosts to prove it.

A fascinating show that takes an inventive turn on the usual haunted house of horrors story. The characters are not only well-written with delightfully creepy dialogue, but the cast is stellar. Jessica Lange does what she does best, bringing the character of a casually murderous socialite to life with creepy intensity. Dylan McDermott is impressive portraying an exhausted philanderer, slowly falling apart a little more with each episode. With what has aired so far, I’ll definitely be tuning in through the finale. A refreshing break from the usual run of police and forensic shows, ‘American Horror Story’ is fascinating and frightening, creating a horror show with style, grace and excellent scripting.

J.L. Jamieson

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