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Blood Lust 2.5

01/02/2011. Contributed by Sue Davies

Buy Blood Lust 2.5: L'hunch Est Dos in the USA - or Buy Blood Lust 2.5: L'hunch Est Dos in the UK

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Blood Lust 2.5: L'hunch Est Dos by Rhys A. Wilcox. pub: RAW! 236 page enlarged paperback. Price: GBP 9.95 (UK). ISN: 978-0-9561559-1-7).

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Writer Rhys Wilcox classes this as a series spin-off. This is number 2.5 in the ‘Blood Lust’ novels as an aside from the series which follows the undead Cameron. One of his friends is Penny, who it turned out was an unnaturally long-lived and meeting up with her equally long-lived father, they decide to reconnect in Paris. So this novel explore the father/daughter history and how their relationship changes

Along with this, the theft of an artefact from the Catholic Church creates a mystery to be solved. Along the way are clues, grisly deaths and countless references to Dan Brown and no doubt other movies which I didn’t get. They are the sort of references that will appeal given the world-wide popularity of his books even if you haven’t actually read them.

Through the course of the narrative, we find out more about Penny’s birth mother and her incredible upbringing including what happened to effectively end her childhood and why she ended up alone.

It feels entirely separate from the altogether overtly jokey ‘Blood Lust’ series but it has its own sly humour and internal momentum. It is never dull and has a prose style reminiscent of the previous books. I enjoyed it, even with the overly laboured Dan Brownitus. I am also convinced it had ‘Allo, Allo' references but that might be my fevered imagination. I liked the way the characters were used and just for a change there was not an impending apocalypse or zombies. I’m sure they will be back soon though.

Sue Davies

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