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Final Crisis: Legion Of 3 Worlds

01/01/2011. Contributed by Geoff Willmetts

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pub: DC Comics. 176 page graphic novel hardback. Price: $19.99 (US), $24.99 (CAN). ISBN: 978-1-4012-2324-3.

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‘Final Crisis: Legion Of 3 Worlds’ explains a few things. Most importantly of all, the different 30th century versions of Earth that exists that contains the Legion of Super-Heroes. By having variants, each can have its own history without necessarily contradicting any history that you’re familiar with and allowing a current generation to have what is only necessary for their tenure with the characters. Nothing new in that as this is what is being done with the DC Earth of our present century as well only the different planet Earths have a little bit of an overlap after the various Crisis stories. I suppose we should be grateful that we haven’t seen the other forty-nine varieties yet.

The story here is actually part of this when Superman-Prime, the name derived from the fact that he came from an Earth more like ours than the other DC Earths, was thrown into the distant future. He’s a rather angry individual and blowing his top is not how to describe it when he discovers the Superman Museum and how much his namesake is admired and decides to destroy the icon by eliminating the Legion Of Super-Heroes with the help of the Legion Of Super-Villains whom he frees from the prison planet, Takron-Galtos. He is unaware that the Legion itself is having to restore faith in itself from the United Worlds Council after recent problems and their overall numbers down. The latter detail is what causes Brainiac 5 to bring in some alternate Legions to bolster their number. In the battles that follow, their numbers are killed and they have a hard time convincing their Superman that if they don’t kill the opposition themselves there might not be anyone left.

To call this five-part mini-series transferred to graphic novel status a continuous battle isn’t too far from the truth. There is very little down-time and little time for conversation when you end up with nearly three of every Legionnaire. Well, except Duplicate Girl but that’s a different story. However, along the way, various bits of information is distilled and if you’re familiar at all with the LSH mythos you’ll find writer Geoff Johns reminding you occasionally of some back-history. The multiplicity of Legionnaires isn’t that difficult to follow as they come in different costumes, heights and ages and artist George Pérez, with inker Scott Koblish, takes them all in his stride. Then again, Pérez has a reputation of doing mega-size groups and battles and is regarded as part of his forte in the comicbook business.

It is all page-turning stuff and I would strongly recommend you give yourself a couple hours free time to read it all in one go than a section at a time. The Superman-Prime is one of the deadliest unremorseful characters I’ve come across in the DC Universe and he makes that nice Lobo seem like a charmer in comparison. It was great seeing a lot of the old Legion villains surfacing again although I do wonder whatever happened to Nardo, probably one of the most neglected of their enemies considering that he managed to imprison them all effectively a long time ago.

As this book is part of the ‘Final Crisis’ saga, you’ll probably have or be buying this book anyway. If you’re an LSH fan, then its required reading although I bet you’ll be glad this isn’t likely to turn into an annual event. In comparison to the much smaller group JLA/JSA team-ups, this book in a of its own.

GF Willmetts

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