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House Of The Dammed DVD (1996)

1/12/2011. Contributed by Rod MacDonald

Buy House Of The Dammed DVD (1996) in the USA - or Buy House Of The Dammed DVD (1996) in the UK

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region 1 DVD: pub: Full Circle Filmworks/MVD Distribution B005ER6SIW. 1 DVD 72 minute black and white film. Price: GBP 5.65 (UK). cast: Valerie Alexander, Blue, Illa and Monica Williams.

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The director of this movie, Sean Weathers, was born in 1980 in Guyana. Achieving cult status, whatever this may mean, his movies have been recently rereleased on DVD by the American company, MVD. Going by the biography, and the original date of ‘House Of The Dammed’ being 1996, it seems to be the case that he made this movie at the age of 16.

Apparently, Weathers, now from the USA, was also the screenwriter, producer, editor and actor for this movie. This is not low-budget, it actually no budget! It was made for nothing and as you would expect this comes through in the movie. The black and white quality is abysmal, the acting is rubbish and the storyline is dreadful. Okay, what more can you say? Well, the musical score running through the entire movie wasn't too bad and it began to become catchy in a weird sort of way. This isn't memorable stuff but you probably won't be able to forget it.

All the action is set in a house. It's quite difficult to follow exactly what's happening but this comedy horror zombie movie seems to be all about the murderous zombie woman intent on killing her daughter, I think. The sound quality of the dialogue, combined with black American accents, made it very difficult to follow, but it appears that a young woman has been enticed to go into this house to find out what has happened to her deceased father. He was probably a murder victim and now she is going to be the same or is she?

This movie was excruciating to watch. My eyes began to get sore from the quality of the images and I was pleased when it eventually finished. This probably will not have much of an audience in the UK and I think it is mainly aimed at the larger USA market. Basically, I would never buy this at any time but there must be buyers out there, probably masochists of some sort, with money to throw away. Guess what, I don't recommend it.

MVD also sent another DVD for review by the same Sean Weathers. Entitled ‘Lust For Vengeance, it's a pornographic slasher movie but SFCrowsnest doesn't venture into this territory.

Rod MacDonald

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