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Legion Of Super-Heroes: Teenage Revolution

01/03/2011. Contributed by Geoff Willmetts

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Legion Of Super-Heroes: Teenage Revolution by Mark Waid and Barry Kitson. pub: DC Comics. 200 page graphic novel softcover. Price: about GBP 8.50 (UK) if you know where to look. ISBN: 978-1-4012-0482-1.

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Having read the later volumes of the Earth-Prime Legion Of Super-Heroes, I felt a need to have a look at their first appearance which comes in ‘Teenage Revolution’ comprising of material from ‘Teen Titans/Legion Special # 1’ and ‘Legion Of Super-Heroes # 1-6’ from 2004/2005.

Strictly speaking, this isn’t an origin tale although you are given a lot of background information, especially about Triplicate Girl, Invisible Kid, Phantom Girl and Princess Projectra, you are chucked in running. If you’re using the original LSH as your template, then you shouldn’t have too many problems getting your brain around the differences. Indeed, as is the case with Triplicate Girl and Phantom Girl, creative team Mark Waid and Barry Kitson do address a couple problems from the original. Take the planet Cargg, they didn’t have a population explosion because everyone could become three people, they just didn’t have a population except one girl. This doesn’t explain how zero population growth isn’t going to cause its own problems, unless Luornu Durgo is long-lived or prepared to have one of her selves have children at some point. Mind you, it brings home a different idea to the treble date and there’s definitely a different agenda going on here.

Tinya Wazzo is unique living between two dimensions and having a ghostly appearance in either and also points out that often as not, Earth is seen as the poorer relation rather than the better world. Still not sure about Star Boy’s sugar intolerance, mostly because he’s got to get his energy from somewhere.

These Legionnaires all have their little quirks from the beginning, with fair doses of ego, arrogance and touches of superiority than humbleness and they certainly rub up the Science Police the wrong way a lot of the time. The ‘Teenage Revolution’ from the title is more a matter of symbolism in that the kids aren’t so much in revolt just want better rights for themselves, especially those endowed with super-powers. Considering the strong hint that they see super-hero comics from an earlier age as the template, it isn’t difficult to see the connection.

In to this mix is the start of a disaster plotline and a villain any of them are likely to remember but that’s mostly spoiler for the second volume which must undoubtedly resolve these issues cos its not in the latter graphic novels I’ve read in this series.

Is the book interesting? Without a doubt? Do I still crave the original LSH? I was brought up on them, so yeah. Am I interested in this new team? It is for a fresh generation and century but there’s plenty for all ages here.

One last thing. At the back of the book, there are a series of design sketches by Barry Kitson as he plays with their costume design and, like Dave Cockrum many years before him, still believes the basic costume for Ultra Boy is just about perfect.

GF Willmetts

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