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Peach Girl Vol. 3

01/03/2011. Contributed by Phil Jones

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region2 DVD: pub: Revelation Films. FUN72604. 1 DVD 105 minute film plus extras. Price: GBP 15.99 (UK).

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These volumes continue the adaptation of Miwa Ueda's shojo manga classic, ‘Peach Girl’. Hitting the mid-point of this series, this is often the make or break point. We left the second volume with Momo having been set up by Sae having been caught in a rather indelicate situation with the teen boy actor Jigoro. To make matters worse, Sae had seen to it that both the two boys who have an interest in Momo, Toji and Kairi turn up at just the wrong moment. To all intent purposes, it looks like date rape as Momo is found naked in bed with little memory of what happened.

Quite heavy stuff for high school kids and things doesn’t get better with Kairi’s darkly unsettling revenge plot which very nearly gets Sae in harm’s way. It’s only her grace under pressure and humanity that saves the day. All this to try to teach her a lesson. In doing so, though, Momo learns the truth about what has gone on.

As things start to return to normal and a trip to the amusement park is clouded with Sae blackmailing Toji, she says she will release the pictures of Momo and Jigoro if the two of them don’t split up. Even with Momo suspecting that Toji is being blackmailed and Toji knowing what Sae is like, they still spit up. [continues in Peach Girl Vol. 4]

Phil Jones

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