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Resistance #1 by Mike Costa, CP Smith, Kody Chamberlain and Tony Avina

01/11/2011. Contributed by Tomas L. Martin

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pub: Titan Books. 154 page softcover graphic novel. Price: GBP 14.99 (UK). ISBN: 978-1-84856-636-1).

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‘Resistance’ is one of those video games that has been a little overshadowed by its peers. Now into its third instalment on the Playstation 3, the first game began with the invasion of 50s era Britain by an alien species called the Chimera. The US and UK forces rallied together to try and hold back the tide, but couldn’t prevent the horde from invading the US in the game’s two sequels.

The alternate history of ‘Resistance’ has diverged from our own after WWI, with an alliance of European countries preventing the Great Depression and WWII. Instead, the alien forces of the Chimera land in the Tunguska meteor event of 1908, spreading through a distance and cut-off Russia. Part of the horror of the alien invasion is the mutagenic virus that takes over humans and slowly turns them into monstrous Chimera.

This comicbook tie-in series to the games starts with a short piece about Project Abraham, the experiment to try and genetically engineer the virus to give humans more strength without turning them into Chimera. For one soldier who volunteers, Private Jordan Adam Shepherd, that goes horribly wrong and he ends up transforming into Daedalus, later to become the leader of the Chimera.

In the main story of this first volume of the ‘Resistance’ comicbook, the Chimera attack across Alaska, taking over a base vital to the resistance effort. A team of super-soldiers is sent to try and retake the base and its scientists. What follows is a brutal conflict between the crack team and a horde of monsters that used to be the base’s occupants.

The art by CP Smith and Kody Chamberlain (with colours by CP Smith and Tony Avina) is stylish without being showy, with some excellent use of shadows, something that fits the creepy Chimeran monsters sneaking around in the dark. The lighting during gunfights is particularly atmospheric.

Mike Costa’s writing is pretty good, with nice banter between the team members (several of which featured in the second video game) and each issue details some interesting backstory to the characters. There are a couple of moments of wry humour and surprising twists and the action is thrilling and involving. There’s not much beyond the action and I’m not sure how much more story could have been wrung out if there had been more volumes of this series, but as a six issue standalone, it’s an enjoyable way to spend a few hours.

Tomas L. Martin

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