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The Puppet Monster Massacre

01/08/2011. Contributed by Rod MacDonald

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region 1 DVD: pub: MVD Entertainment Group B004XZ99SM. 70 minute DVD. Price: GBP 7.88 (UK), $14.95 (US). cast: Steve Rimpici, Ethan Holey and Bart Flynn.

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Whatever else it may be, this is a very funny movie. Despite it being a puppet movie where all the characters are Muppet-style puppets, this is definitely not for the kids so if you purchase it, make sure it will not come into the reaches of children. The humour is pretty basic in nature, full of expletives, puerile in the extreme but hey, if you're sitting with friends after a night out with beer and pizza, what could be better.

Puppets get slashed to pieces, chewed up and spat out. Black humour is abundant and there are genuinely funny moments. It all revolves around a maniac called Dr. Wagner, no relation to the composer, who lives in a creepy old-fashioned mansion house. In his basement, there is a puppet monster that eats anything and everybody, getting larger in size with each successive meal.

There are lots of characters in this movie, most being loudmouth and over the top. Charlie and his friends rise to the challenge of Dr Wagner who offers them $1 million if they can survive a night in his mansion. It's not a challenge that any sane person should have accepted! Regardless, they go ahead and accept the consequences. Even 400 soldiers and this takes some believing when they come in puppet form, can't save them or themselves so there is plenty of puppetry blood and guts sloshing around. Now, how do puppets get slashed, disembowelled and decapitated? You will have to watch to find out!

Probably the best character is Gramps. Fulmination of the bowels, cursing and swearing, black humour, crude humour and any other type of insane humour seem to be his specialities. He becomes the real hero of this movie!

Okay, this isn't just low-budget, it is miniscule budget but that doesn't make it a bad movie. Within the constraints of a puppet movie, this is very well done and it's probably better than the Muppets themselves. ‘Sesame Street’ will never be the same to you after watching this. Why didn't ‘Sesame Street’ have a Dr. Wagner?

‘Puppet Monster Massacre’ was well received in the USA. It has become a cult movie, whatever that is, and when it is distributed in the UK it will no doubt have lots of followers. Insane stuff it certainly is and you won't be the same after watching. Recommended, yes, but only for a certain sector of the population. Could be a present for the mother-in-law.

Rod MacDonald

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