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The Wild Hunt (2009)

01/11/2011. Contributed by Rod MacDonald

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region 2 DVD: pub Network DVD B005IXEA0K. 95 minute film. Price: GBP 9.91(UK)). stars: Ricky Mabe, Kaniehtiio Horn, Mark Antony Krupa and Trevor Horn.

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This is a Canadian production from 2009 made on a very low budget, $300,000 (CAN) to be exact which isn't a lot of money for a movie these days. Knowing this before watching the review copy, which incidentally did not contain any of the extra features, I was expecting something very amateurish and deplorable. Actually, this wasn't the case and all things being equal it's not a bad movie at all.

The basic story is quite simple. Erik's girlfriend, Lyn, has done a bunk and left him to go with his brother, Bjorn, to an event in the countryside where people re-enact life from the Viking era. Hence, we've got another eternal triangle drama. In the re-enactment, people get dressed up as Vikings and Celts and do battle with each other.

All seems to be okay but as you would guess something goes wrong. The re-enactment gets a bit too serious for its own good, especially when Shaman Murtagh begins to lose the plot, thinking it's a chance to make his name in history and take over the world. A very serious conflict arises and the brothers are forced to put aside their differences and act together for mutual defence.

Okay, all this sounds rather predictable and it is just that. You can see what's going to happen long before the plot unfolds and essentially it's a bit boring in places for that reason. Nevertheless, contrary to expectations, the acting was recently good and the performers do their best to make this into a reasonable movie.

I wouldn't exactly call this Science Fiction. It's more a sociological drama. I also wouldn't pay the full price for this movie because undoubtedly it will come down in price in the future. Otherwise, it was enjoyable enough to give it a positive rating. This isn't something that will stand the test of time and it will probably disappear into obscurity within a few years. As a vehicle for the actors, it will appear as a good recommendation on their CVs.

Rod MacDonald

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