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The X-Files Volume One music boxset by Mark Snow

01/11/2011. Contributed by Geoff Willmetts

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pub: La-La Land Records LLLCD 1170. Limited edition of 3000 units. Box sleeved with a 40 page booklet. 4 CDs 94 tracks total running time: 311:27 minutes. Price: $77.99 (US), GBP 74.42 (UK).

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If you’re a fan of ‘The X-Files’, then a boxset featuring Mark Snow’s music from the nine season series is a must for your collection. Spread over four CDs is the music from forty episodes from across the seasons. I did wonder for a minute why the eerie music from ‘Gender Bender’ and ‘Dod Kalm’ was omitted and then spotted the magic words ‘Volume One’. More to come, folks, even if it did make me wonder why they couldn’t all be done in episode order, although to be fair the episodes chosen are in season order. As it turns out, for those who want to keep count of how many episodes per season. You’ll have to check which episodes or that will be a spoiler, although I do point at some favourites below and show the seasons spread:-

Season 1: 5 tracks
Season 2: 5 tracks
Season 3: 4 tracks
Season 4: 4 tracks
Season 5: 3 tracks
Season 6: 7 tracks
Season 7: 5 tracks
Season 8: 4 tracks
Season 9: 4 tracks

A couple of the odd numbers can be attributed to two-parters being included together although some only have the second part. Picking out episodes from this many episodes is difficult so I’ll hit a few hot spots and paint an ‘X’ on the road for disk one with the pilot episode, ’Squeeze’, ‘Fallen Angel’, ‘The Host’, ‘One Breath’ and ‘Anasazi’. For disk two, ‘731’, ‘Piper Maru’, ‘The Field Where I Died’ and the haunting horns from ‘Kaddish’. From disk three, ‘The Post-Modern Prometheus’, ‘Triangle’ and ‘One Son’ which will creep up and grab you. From disk four, ‘All Things’, ‘Hollywood A.D.’, the haunting ‘Within’, ‘Jump The Shark’, ‘Release’. That’s just me picking the highlights. All are full tracks. No snippets.

For a selection of mostly eerie music, you would expect it all to have the same kind of intonation but divorced from the series it stands out even more, there is little sign of repetition and only the odd rift that is instantly recognisable. Composer Mark Snow does an incredible performance. I should point out that at the beginning and end of each CD, there is the familiar ‘X-Files’ theme music taken at different lengths and versions through the seasons.

The boxset includes a forty page booklet, loaded with photographs and information by Randall Larsen. Did you also know that the theme music was cut by fifteen seconds after the first season and that it was Mark Snow’s wife who provided the five note whistling and an accident that gave it the familiar echo?

As this CD boxset is limited to 3000 units, don’t be left out in getting to own a copy of unique set of ‘The X-Files’ music and a great time to be a reviewer and tell you folks about it. Definitely make sure that if you’re a fan of the show to add this one to your collection.

Geoff Willmetts

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