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The Zombie Times, September 2011 issue

1/10/2011. Contributed by Patrick Mahon

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pub: Terror4fun, 24 page e-newsletter. Price: free!.

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The latest issue of ’The Zombie Times’ contains the usual mix of short news articles along with reviews of films, games, books and all sorts of other zombie-related material. September’s issue is also the largest to date, containing twenty-four pages of undead badness. So what can you look forward to reading if you get hold of it?

The front page is given over to a report on the early preparations for making the low-budget film ‘Zombie Carnage: The Ultimate Reality Game Show’. If you think of the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie ‘The Running Man’ but with zombies pursuing the contestants, you’ll have a good idea of the plot. The article includes links to a couple of trailers, some background on the production crew, which includes Craig Charles in the lead acting role, and contact details for those who want to get involved in the project as it moves forwards towards a planned release in summer 2012.

The diary includes details of upcoming book, DVD and game releases, as well as various events including the London Horror Festival in Shoreditch, 25 October to 27 November, and Terror4fun’s own ‘UK Festival of Zombie Culture’ in Leicester on 19 November. If you want to know what’s going on when in zombieland, this is really useful.

On top of all this, the rest of the newsletter includes details of new zombie blogs, books, films, clothes, make-up, toys, snacks and more! This includes an exclusive first look at SFX magazine’s ‘Zombies: the Ultimate Guide’, due out in late September, a great article listing seventeen of the best short movies shown at Zombiefest 2011 and a short piece advertising a website that offers free lessons in using Photoshop to zombify your favourite photos.

As usual, one of the great things is the number of competitions sprinkled throughout the newsletter. Readers can win a copy of almost everything featured within.

All in all, another great issue of ‘The Zombie Times’. If you want to be prepared for the coming apocalypse, here’s a good place to start.

Patrick Mahon

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