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Zombie Times March 2011

1/04/2011. Contributed by Patrick Mahon

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The Zombie Times, March 2011 issue. pub: Terror4fun. 20 page newsletter. Price: free!!!.

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‘The Zombie Times’ is a free newsletter about all things zombie which comes out every two to three months. It includes short news articles and reviews of films, games and books. If you’re a fan of zombie-related fiction in all its forms, you may want to check out the website, .

The March 2011 issue starts with a call for extras for an upcoming zombie comedy movie. ‘Cockneys vs. Zombies’. There’s a second call for extras, for the movie ‘Death Toll’ later on, too. If you’re sufficiently into zombie films that you’d like to be in one, this looks like a useful source of information. There’s also a listing of zombie make-up artists at the back, in case you want to look authentically undead when you’re out and about.

If you want to get actively involved in the zombie fan scene, there are listings for several events, including film festivals, live action role-playing events and fan conventions. These are mostly, though not exclusively, UK events.

In the reviews section, there are blurbs and pictures for several independent films, DVDs, games, novels and non-fiction books, including two different books of zombie cupcake recipes. The selection is nothing if not eclectic!

I enjoyed this issue of ‘The Zombie Times’. It was twenty pages long, which seemed about the right length. It’s long enough to include a decent amount of material without getting overwhelming. Since most of the articles are short, it is also fast-paced, making it an enjoyable and quick read. Also, it includes a lot of competitions to win free books and DVDs, which is always nice.

The obvious disadvantage of the chosen format is the lack of any articles longer than one page. This would seem to be a deliberate editorial decision. I wonder, though, whether including one or two longer pieces in each issue might make it a slightly more weighty, less ephemeral publication. Obvious examples would include in-depth book or film reviews, since most of the listings here do not go far beyond a basic plot summary.

Nonetheless, ‘The Zombie Times’ is a fun way to find out what’s going on in the realms of zombie fiction. If you’re a fan of this particular sub-genre of horror, I’d advise you to subscribe. Otherwise, how will you know when the zombies are coming?

Patrick Mahon

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