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2012: Everything You Need To Know About The Apocalypse by Manda Scott

01/01/2012. Contributed by Geoff Willmetts

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pub: Bantam Press. 127 page A6 size hardback. Price: GBP 6.99 (UK). ISBN: 978-0-593-06993-6).

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The end of the world is nigh. Well, at least on the 23 December 2012 according to Mayan calculations. As author Manda Scott points out, even with primitive math they were pretty accurate to the calculating the solar year and lunar month to a couple decimals and had also worked out what a zero actually meant as a number before other cultures. They also worked in bases 13 and 20 which is a lot more complicated than working in base 10 like we do today. Mind you, they also had a 260 day year with 13 days to a week and the current cycle would end in 2012. I Ching agrees as well.

Rather than be a total doom-giver, Scott also points out that the Mayans also thought that 2012 was also the end of another era and things might not be so bad. So should we all heave a sigh of relief? Well, it might help if all the crystal skulls had been found and put together and see if they had any hidden message, something to do with how the light penetrates the crystal but that’s a different story.

As you should have spotted from the description of the book in the gen section, this is a very tiny book with a large text which means it doesn’t take long to read. Probably a good thing if you’re doing the final countdown next December. Quite why the book is released a year prior to the great event, I’m not too sure. Presumably to ensure everyone has their copy of the book to hand rather than a mad rush as the fatal day arrives. That way you can appear sagely as you show the pros and cons for them being right.

Scott explains the Mayan mathematical system and other useful tit-bits of information and the book is also littered with some nice illustrations by Patrick Mulrey and Tomislav Tomic in case you want something visual to look at as the time ticks away.

It’s a shame that the Spanish conquistadors wiped out the Mayans and a Franciscan bishop ordered much of the Mayan text slabs destroyed so there is no way for anyone to double-check everything or even to see why they might have been optimistic about the future.

In the meantime, we can all prepare for doomsday or not, depending on your disposition. Tick…tick…tic…

GF Willmetts

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